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2010 Jennie
Posted by jenholifield on 2007.02.24 at 09:16
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Caileigh is starting to get really upset with Stephan being gone. At first she was just a little sad because he wasn't around. Now she is having full out breakdowns. Crying and yelling that she misses daddy. She is even blaming herself for him not being here. She will cry that she wants to talk to daddy but when he finally calls or gets on the webcams she doesn't want to talk to him. Last year he was gone for 6 months and she never acted like this. He calls everyday so it's not like she isn't able to talk to him, it's that she won't. I really don't know what to do, I just try to comfort her and tell her daddy had to leave because of work and that he misses her and doesn't want to be away, but she tells me that's not true and how can I comfort her and make her feel better when seeing her that upset makes me upset and cry. Any advice would be great. She is 4 so she knows what is going on most of the time and understands me.

I posted this in all the military communities to get the most advice possible. Thanks

Posted by smartassticlee on 2007.02.14 at 05:29
I didn't see anything in the rules for no promoting......

2010 Jennie

How long for address

Posted by jenholifield on 2007.02.10 at 19:50
Current Mood: curiouscurious
I was wondering how long it takes to get the APO address once the Unit is deployed? The FRG says at least a month from the deployment date and my husbands says it shouldn't be that long. I was wondering what your experience has proven. Thanks


Help find him

Posted by paranoidanxiety on 2006.11.22 at 05:18
From a fellow military wife. She and her son are in Washington, her husband is stationed here at Ft. Campbell. Please repost and pass along till he is found.

November 18
My husband Jesse has been missing now for about 48 hours. He missed his 2nd day of work today in processing from Iraq and is now considered AWOL. He supposedly went to the hospital yesterday to the social work clinic for an appointment at 4pm. Who knows if he actually WENT though and the clinics are closed on weekends. The military police are looking for him, too. He has not tried to use his debit card and his car is in the same spot as it was 2 days ago. I am VERY worried about him so PLEASE pray that he is okay. I am worried he is having some kind of post traumatic stress disorder problem or something like that because I don't think he would do this...I have exhausted all my resources and don't know what else to do except wait. Please just keep him in your thoughts. I would be lost without him and Jessiah keeps asking for Daddy. I can't even bear to listen to him. I don't know if I am strong enough to do this. Please pray that God will give me strength. Thank-you all...

November 19
My husband, Jessiah is now listed as a missing person on the national database. He still has not made any phone calls from his cell phone, not used his debit card, he still has not gone home, he doesn't have his car or any clothes, and doesn't have any credit cards to his name. The last anyone saw of him was him getting in a cab. Him and his friend Kyle had rented a hotel room less than half mile away, so Kyle was going to walk him there. When they walked out of the club though, there was a taxi already there ready to leave with some people they didn't know. Kyle asked the cab driver if he could give Jesse a ride across the street, and he said yes, so Jesse got in. That's the last anyone has seen or heard from him. Please PLEASE keep praying. We are doing all we can and are constantly on the phone trying to contact different people. We have emailed our senators and representatives, as Jesse's chain of command isn't helping me at ALL and think he is just hiding. My gut tells me that something is really wrong though. It has been 63 hours as of right now. He was SO incredibly happy...He wouldn't do this...Please pray!!!!!


Most of you on my friends list I speak to quite frequently and some of you are very dear friends of mine. Now I am banking on that friendship as I am in need. My friend Jessiah has gone missing, it has been 5 days now and there is no sign of him anywhere. He has recently come home from Iraq, and we fear he may be suffering some post-traumatic stress syndrome or something. He has a wife, who is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, and a young son, who are both in Washinton right now and pretty much powerless to do anything down here. He has not used his cell phone or credit cards, his car is parked in the same spot it has been in......we are in fear of his life. He was last seen leaving Kickers, which is in a pretty bad area of town and right by the river. He has been listed on the National Missing Persons Database and yesterday his case was assigned to a detective. PLEASE HELP US! Go take a look at his profile, his URL is www.myspace.com/jessiahjameson. If anyone has ANY information concerning his whereabouts, no matter how trivial it may seem, please message me and I will give you my contact ...
Much love and appreciation,

For those of you receiving this message who arent on my friends list, I am sorry for the intrusion, but we are at our wits end. Thanksgiving is only days away, and Jessiah Jr. is asking for his daddy. Even if you just took the time to read this, it is much appreciated.


Redeployment questions

Posted by dizemama on 2006.11.13 at 21:21
For anyone that has gone thru a deployment:

What are some creative homecoming ideas?
On a scale of 1-10, how hard was the readjustment period?
How did the kids do?


November bdays and anniversaries

Posted by dizemama on 2006.11.13 at 09:18
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, there has been a lot going on coming back to our duty station awaiting my husband's redeployment. It's so hectic and exciting! But anyway I'm just gonna start doing a one month post for bdays and annivs since I obviously can't keep up with it....

November bdays & anniv's:
N/A- love_in_war Ashley& Boone's anniv.
1st- zulis_thoughts Zuli's bday
5th- jannainpieces Janna& Robert's anniv.
30th- armywifemommy Melissa& PJ's anniv.

Happy Birthday Zuli! Happy Anniversary to Ashley& Boone! Happy Anniversary to Melissa& PJ! ANd Congradulations to Janna & Robert on getting hitched!

Firefly - Lost

hello.. new wife here

Posted by jannainpieces on 2006.11.12 at 08:27
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Name: Janna
My birthday: March 2nd
Spouse's name: Robert
Do you have children/ages/or pets? Yes, our fur- (and scale-) kids include a dog (and soon to be another), two cats, a horse, two rats, a plated lizard, and two geckos.
Anniversary: November 5th
How do you like being an army spouse? We've only been married a week, but Robert and I had been living together and dating for a year and were practically married anyway heh.. but it feels very nice for it to be official now. As for being married to a soldier, it makes me feel very proud. It's very difficult being separated from him though..
Is there anything you would like added to this community? Looks good to me.


Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries!

Posted by dizemama on 2006.08.28 at 11:44
My hubby's R&R is almost over so I'll be back and quit lumping everyone together...

13th- dizemama Chrissy's bday
13th- unpredictableme Kristen & Russell's anniv.
25th- unpredictableme Kristen's bday
28th- smartassticlee Jessica's bday

Yeah so my bday passed and I got the best present ever, two days later picked up my man at the airport and then a cruise in the Bahamas. Hope everyone else had or has wonderful bdays and anniversaries!

Havent posted much here sorry.

Posted by 29thsignalwife on 2006.08.12 at 19:33
I am Susan and Married to Jason. am on my 2nd deployment which is about to end. if you want to know anything else.. feel free to ask.. sorry I havent posted much. Forgot I was on here. I have no kids. Just a dog and a hubby. And we are due to PCS when he returns soon!



Posted by eternalmrstry on 2006.08.02 at 22:04
Current Mood: boredbored
I was bored and made a photoloop if anyone is interested just click the loop link below!

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