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Anniversaries and Birthdays...

Posted by dizemama on 2006.07.31 at 09:37
I'm gonna sorta lump a bunch of these in together.... I'm gonna be pretty busy preparing for my husband's R&R coming up. SO her's alot of occasions....

24th- paranoidanxiety Jen's bday (this was my daughter's 2nd bday also...)
26th- lunacy7 Ashley & Craig's anniv.
30th- zulis_thoughts Zuli & John's anniv.

2nd- proudarmywifejk Judy & Shaun's anniv.
2nd- eternalmrstry Shawna & Allen's anniv.
4th- askita Kristi's bday

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND ANNIVERSARIES TO EVERYONE!! Peace out, I'm excited about R&R coming up!!!


Good bye

Posted by l_anana on 2006.07.27 at 14:45
Well, I have decided to leave this community. My life has become crazy and I don't have much time for LJ anymore. However, if you'd like to add me to your friends list, feel free, just leave a comment at my Friends Only post to let me know so I can add you back.
Good luck to everybody!


Happy Birthday Ericas

Posted by dizemama on 2006.07.21 at 14:53
yeah a recap on that embarassing post last month.... now I can say Happy Birthday to both Ericas!! Both emichelle21 and neriece!

Married Life


Posted by eternalmrstry on 2006.07.18 at 20:14
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Name: Shawna
My birthday: May 6
Spouse's Name: Allen
Do you have children/ages/pets? We have an 11 yr old Daughter Trista'n, 8 yr old son Kobe, and 4 yr old son Noah, 1 yr old Boxer pup ( Bailey) and 1 kitty
Anniversary: July 2, 2005
How do you like being an army spouse? It's not as bad for me, Allen is ARG National Guard, so it's a little easier on us, but it's our life and they are our family also I couldn't imagine him not being Army KWIM
Is there anything you would like added to this community? Not that I see yet.

Posted by moonsgirl on 2006.07.17 at 22:18
Current Mood: contentcontent
Name: Christy
My birthday: May 18
Spouse's Name: Nathaniel or Moon
Do you have children/ages/pets? We have a 4 year old son, Ethan, and a 4 month old daughter, Rebecca. We also have 2 cats, Sam and Vinny.
Anniversary: August 3, 2001
How do you like being an army spouse? It took a long time to get used to, but it could me worse.
Is there anything you would like added to this community? Not that I see yet.


Behind again.....

Posted by dizemama on 2006.07.16 at 22:07
On the 7th was soldiergirl3, Lindsay & Jason's anniversary. And the 12th was proudarmywifejk, Judy's bday. Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

Posted by lanie_85_21 on 2006.07.08 at 18:43
Name: Melanie (Lanie)
My birthday:Sept 24
Spouse's name:Rick
Do you have children/ages/or pets? I have a 2 year old stepson, and we have 3 dogs and 1 cat (the animals are at home in TX with my parents)
Anniversary: Together-March 15, 2005; Marriage-May 28, 2005
How do you like being an army spouse? Love, love, love it!
Is there anything you would like added to this community? Nothin I can think of!


Missed events.... bday and anniv.

Posted by dizemama on 2006.07.03 at 07:57
I haven't been able to get on because Live Journal wouldn't let me login. army_wife80 had a bday, so Happy Birthday Jess! askita had an anniversary, Happy anniversary to Kristi & Mike! These are both for July 1st.


Happy Birthday!!

Posted by dizemama on 2006.06.22 at 16:22
Hehe now that I'm on the right month I'll say again but for different dates.... we have two birthdays on the same day! 22nd- whooey22 and jenholifield. Happy Birthday to Blithe and Katie!!!


Posted by soldiersgirl3 on 2006.06.21 at 13:40
For your first entry after joining this community......
Name: Lindsay
My birthday: March 10
Spouse's name: Jason
Do you have children/ages/or pets? one cat who will be 7 (she's more mine than Jason's)
Anniversary: We'll be married on July 7th
How do you like being an army spouse? I know I'll love it
Is there anything you would like added to this community? n/a

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