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2010 Jennie
Posted by jenholifield on 2007.02.24 at 09:16
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Caileigh is starting to get really upset with Stephan being gone. At first she was just a little sad because he wasn't around. Now she is having full out breakdowns. Crying and yelling that she misses daddy. She is even blaming herself for him not being here. She will cry that she wants to talk to daddy but when he finally calls or gets on the webcams she doesn't want to talk to him. Last year he was gone for 6 months and she never acted like this. He calls everyday so it's not like she isn't able to talk to him, it's that she won't. I really don't know what to do, I just try to comfort her and tell her daddy had to leave because of work and that he misses her and doesn't want to be away, but she tells me that's not true and how can I comfort her and make her feel better when seeing her that upset makes me upset and cry. Any advice would be great. She is 4 so she knows what is going on most of the time and understands me.

I posted this in all the military communities to get the most advice possible. Thanks

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