Army Spouses

Supporting our Loved Ones!

Supporting our loved ones!
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This community is for providing support to one another in dealing with transitions, deployments, or just loneliness of army life. This is for women or men spouses! Making friends in the army is a necessity in this lifestyle and relating to others that experience the same things too. Hopefully this community can be a help to someone...and your comments will be well appreciated! For the safety of our soldiers....there are a few rules!

1. DO NOT mention last names or show pictures with your soldier's name in it.
2. DO NOT mention exact locations during deployments.
3. and of course, no specific information linked to your identity.
4. If you add an image or the entry is extremely long, please hide it behind an lj-cut

5. NEWLY ADDED.... from observation of another army community, if you have opinions regarding your views of the war, they can be freely expressed without putting down others opinions, and other members should be respectful of what an opinion is without attacking,degrading, or completely debating out until it turns into an online political war. Though we haven't had this problem I would like to add that.

Thank You!

We love our soldiers and want them to be safe also, you can never know where the enemy may be picking up information. These rules are for you and your spouses safety!

For your first entry after joining this community......
Name:(just first name)
My birthday:(month,day)
Spouse's name:(just first name)
Do you have children/ages/or pets?
How do you like being an army spouse?
Is there anything you would like added to this community?

Let everyone know "Happy Birthday" when the time comes!
And a "Happy Anniversary" for when that time comes!
The b-days & anniversaries are found in the memories!